About Us

The  existence of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has been  established for close to two centuries. The pioneers of this fine organization  have been fighting a relentless fight with numerous government agencies  protecting the rights of federal workers. Yes you! Of course representing  organized employee’s constitutional rights were difficult and continue to be a  struggle. From the early 1830 to today government employees have had to fight  for their rights, integrity, dignity, respect, needed benefits, and improving  all conditions possible for today’s working families..  Strength and growth is reflected in numbers and these numbers generate facts.

The fact is that you have a constitutional right to defend yourself by all  means necessary. By all means necessary is protecting your rights as a  government employee. The American Federation of Labor (AFL) in 1917 granted a  union charter to government employees, this was the beginning of the AFGE.

For  over 70 years the dedication has been shown in the monumental achievements AFGE  has accomplished. During that timeline AFGE has continuously fought for our  colleague’s union rights, paid health care, fair treatment of government  employees, various education subsidies, child care benefits and a fair living  wage. Also established were the employee’s rights to express their political  freedoms. Now I ask you who better to represent and protect the rights of  today’s government employees. We are here to express your thoughts, concerns,  and issues with voluminous strength. From early 1932 were membership was about  25,000 unionized members to today where there are well over 600,000 federal  unionized members nationwide. AFGE’s experience is self explanatory in building  the nation of the future where pride and respect for the government employees  is instilled back into the workplace. In October of 2007 the American  Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) appointed your fellow TSA employees  from JFK and EWR airports to orchestrate what today is the largest TSA local on  the east coast.

Everyday our membership solidarity continues to grow. The  inception of Local 2222 was created having jurisdiction over the states of New  York and New Jersey. Our officers have waited an extremely long time for help  and the Executive Board of Local 2222 has finally arrived ready to provide that  needed assistance. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) never had  an organization protecting the rights of these officers. That time has changed  to show you that you do have rights, and that time is now. History is in the  making and each of you is an intricate part of that movement toward history.  Remember lets always help others when in need and when in need others will  help. I have only one question for you and truthfully please ask yourselves  “Who better to represent and speak for the people, than the people”.

Local 2222  protecting us all. Join Us!